Top Android Apps for Moms

Not every mom has an iPhone! Here are some apps that might help you get through your day if you own a Droid, or another smartphone running Google’s open-source Android operating system.
Pink Pad Free

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Pink Pad’s period tracker is meant to help you become pregnant, letting you track both your cycles and your emotional and physical well-being over time. It’s also a “female hub” that connects you to other women who are trying to conceive, and features “custom discreet notifications” to remind you of upcoming periods.

Also Try: Pink Pad Pro, the paid version.

BabyBump Pregnancy Free

BabyBump Pregnancy lets you “Create a slideshow of your growing baby bump,” plus each week it shows you new info about your baby’s development. It also has forums where you can chat with other moms or moms-to-be, and it comes in both free and “pro” versions.

Also Try: BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today, which is a different take on the concept.

Mom’s Shopping List

“The easiest and fastest application to create your shopping list” has a friendly interface, that lets you quickly throw together a list by tapping the icons for things that you need. The app is free, but the developer sells a pack of extra icons for fish and baby products.

Also Try: Out Of Milk, which also has a to-do list and lets you scan barcodes to add things to your shopping list.

Cozi Family Organizer

Voted “#1 Productivity App For Moms,” Cozi Family Organizer lets you manage your family’s calendar from your Android smartphone, and it sends them texts or email reminders of upcoming events. It also has to-do list and grocery list features, plus a “Family Journal” that you can save pictures to instantly.

Active Moms Mobile

This free Android app helps moms find activities in their communities, that are close by and appropriate to their kids’ ages. Each activity comes with a phone number, and you can see upcoming events for the whole month in order to plan out your schedule. It only works in a handful of cities right now, but the app developers promise more soon. Dinner Spinner

You knew there was going to be one of these on the list!’s Android app lets you easily figure out what to make for dinner, by flipping through “spinners” of possible choices. It even lets you filter out certain recipes, if you’re on (for instance) a low-sodium or vegan diet.

First Aid

Do you know what to do if one of your kids (or your husband or wife) gets injured? First Aid shows you step-by-step instructions for a number of lifesaving procedures.

Also Try: Other first aid apps on the Market. Look around to find one you can work with, and try it out before something actually happens.

HTC 7 Mozart Still Remains One of the Bestselling Phones on the Market

It is not uncommon to be seeing an Android phone in the current circumstances, but seeing the Windows Mobile phones is one of the rarest sights since the Android operating system has been dominating the high-end smartphone segment for long. However, it will be finally getting over the competition in the form of the Windows Phone 7 that has been recently introduced by Microsoft. It will be present in the HTC 7 Mozart, a phone that was recently launched by HTC. It promises to be extremely exciting and also unique as well due to the fact that this is a very new operating system. The HTC 7 Mozart contracts are accompanying this awesome phone to make it affordable for you.

The HTC 7 Mozart is going to display this new operating system in a touch screen display that is measuring 3.7 inches in size. This is basically the same touch screen display that was seen in the HTC Desire and it promises to be extremely suitable for this new operating system. The reason for it has to be the high resolution of 480 by 800 pixels, which brings extraordinary detail to the screen. Also, the fact that this screen will be able to hold 16 million colours also helps its case for being the best touch screen for this brand new operating system. The HTC 7 Mozart is going to utilize the normal features like the accelerometer and the proximity sensor that are found in most of the high end smartphones, so there seems to be no reduction in terms of the features present either.

The HTC 7 Mozart is going to offer 8 GB of internal memory, which would be sufficient for holding a lot of songs since the main aspect of the HTC 7 Mozart will be the ability to provide high-quality entertainment by virtue of having a number of new features in the sound department. The HTC 7 Mozart is going to be offering technologies like the Dolby Mobile and the SRS surround sound, which have been for long thought of as the best technologies in the sound department. The HTC 7 Mozart will also be offering an 8 megapixel camera that is going to introduce new levels of imaging possibilities in the phone. This is a camera that is going to be coming with options like the xenon Flash and autofocus. Normally, you would get to see LED flash in the mobile phone cameras, but to be getting the Xenon Flash in the camera of the HTC 7 Mozart is really the outstanding feature of the phone.

The HTC 7 Mozart will be getting the same 1 GHz processor that is used in the Windows Phone 7 running mobile phones since this will be providing a uniform way of operating the operating system across the range of mobile phones available. The 576 MB of RAM is also going to assist the processor. The HTC 7 Mozart is currently available in the UK under the Orange network for contract prices that start from £ 20 per month. Besides that you may also wish to take a look at HTC HD7 deals for other available deals.

World of Goo: Wii Game Review

Resource-heavy games are lavishly adorned with crispy in-depth 3D graphics, environmentally accurate gunshots, explosions and sound dynamics are all the rage these days. To make the games appear more realistic, they are loaded with various game enhancing algorithms, physics or Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a result, gamers pump in quite a lot of hardware to maximize their overall gaming experience.
Quick Info:

· Released: November 2008

· Developer: 2-D Boy

· Publisher: Brighter Minds

· Genre: Puzzle

· Graphics: 7/10

· Sound: 7/10

· Gameplay: 8/10

· Difficulty: Moderate

· Overall rating: 7/10

· Learning curve: 5 minutes

· Official website:

Minimum requirements:

· Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Pentium III CPU: 1.0 GHz or equivalent

· Memory: 512 MB

· Video memory: 32 MB

· Hard drive space: 100 MB

Graphic and memory cards have also gained considerable importance. They allow gamers to play graphics-heavy games such as Far Cry 2 and memory intensive game such as Call of Duty 4. However, a game comes along that finds its way up to the top and breaks all these expectations. World of Goo, is a simple 633 megabyte downloadable game that proves you don’t need a beefed-up game or a thousand dollar system to have fun.

The game, as the name of the developer suggests, is two-dimensional. It begins with a few balls of Goo that suddenly wake up from their deep slumber and find themselves questioning their very existence. They wonder who they are, what they are doing there and where they came from.

There is only one solution to the dilemma plaguing them and that is a mysterious pipe which they feel will lead them to a justifiable answer. Although, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, the Goo balls insist their sole purpose of existence is to make their way towards that pipe. Many lives are lost in the process but the sacrifice is necessary to achieve their destiny.

The globs of Goo can attach themselves to each other using strands and can form a grid-like structure. The brethren that aren’t sacrificed to build the girdles, traverse along it and eventually get sucked up in the pipe. Each game level poses different challenges and requires a minimum number of Goo’s in order to move on to the next realm. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

However, the 2-D world is a dangerous place with its sharp spikes, flaming furnaces and grinding cogs all of which are lethal for the delicate globules of Goo. They can also fall into bottomless chasms or fall off from cliffs. The ever-persistent Goo’s need to build up the structure, weight, flexibility, angle and tensile strength to wobble in the air, bend, fold over, or at times totally collapse. Building structures requires planning. As the levels progress, new species of Goo balls are found and each one has its own special power.

The game comprises five chapters and each chapter comprises a dozen levels. Chapters are as diverse as the denizens found in them. Gamers will enjoy unique themes such as the dangerous industrial zone or the dark reality behind the glamorous world of beauty. Tower heights achieved from participants around the world are shown as floating flags in the air.

The game has no end to its creativity which is exhibited by the way developers have designed the Goo ball relatives. They range from green Goo balls that are stretchy and reusable, to flammable Goo balls that burn away when ignited. These little creatures come in many shapes and sizes, from watery ones that can form into chains, to bubblegum Goo, that inflate and work against gravity pulling together sturdy structures.

The level designs are equally tasteful posing unique challenges and inspiring our lovable slime to use their teamwork to get up a sucking pipe. You might be required to build a tall towering structure and gently let it topple far enough to touch the remote cliff or climb up a shaft of rotating cogwheels by building a sticky girdle of green.

Visually the game is flat shaded with simple dull colors. The land looks odd and abnormal with simple weird designs and backdrops, all suiting the premise of the game. The story is presented through signboards left all across the land by the mysterious sign painter. These messages offer clues about getting to the pipe. Cut-scenes at the end of each chapter reveal part of the mystery behind the Goo balls and their destiny.

Music is as delightfully creepy as the levels designs. The Goos speak a simple dialect of high-pitched excited squeaks and expressions. The only downside is that when you are fully immersed in this unique experience, it ends abruptly leaving you wanting more. World of Goo is highly recommended for gamers who do not have heavy systems and would still like to have fun playing some good old-fashioned computer games. It is well-suited for people who want to try something other than heavy-duty, high frames per second (fps) games. To sum it up, World of Goo is packed with an addictive gameplay experience that people won’t easily forget.

Playstation Portable

I honestly consider the PSP a technological marvel. The sound quality is as good as an MP3 player, the graphics of some games compete with graphics of some PS2 games, the memory storage can be as big as 4gb depending on the SD card you use, and the other multimedia functions of the system i.e. (web browser, photo/movie storage place, controller for certain PS3 games like Lair) are rather impressive. $169.99 for this thing I agree is a bit too high but there are a lot of times where I do feel like I’m reaping what I have sowed instead of getting less that what I paid for. Overall, the design of the system is great, as it is both aesthetic to look at and comfortable to hold and play for hours. I remember one time when I played Metal Gear Ac!d on my PSP for 7 hours straight and my hands never complained. I also love how easy it is to put the PSP into sleep mode, how you can switch the WLAN on and off with a simple switch at the side of the system, how you can control the three brightness settings of the system without having to quit the game you’re currently playing, and how easy and simple the “home” interface is to use. Design wise, the PSP is just awesome.
All except for two things.

Stupid Time Constraint

PSP battery life frankly sucks. It mostly depends on the games and how intensivly you’r using the PSP but regardless, the most you can get out of your PSP is about 8 hours before you need t recharge your PSP again. I recharge my PSP every day, not because I play 8 hours everyday but because most games will eat up the battery life of the PSP much quicker. I was only able to play Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for four and a half hours before the battery died out on me, and this was despite the fact that I was playing at the lowest brightness setting, volume down to 1 bar, and with power-save function enabled. Some games just eat away the battery life like crazy and if you’re away from home as much as me, this is an ugly, ugly fact to face when owning a PSP. But this is offline gaming. I remember playing online multiplayer on Metal Gear Solid Portalble Ops Plus and I was only able to play for two and a half hours before my PSP warned me that the battery was about to go out. Two and a half hours. WTF, that’s ridiculous. And MGSPO+ is actually one of the games that are very conservative on your battery life. Play Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror online. Yikes. You’re looking at a two-hour or maybe even 1 and 1/2 hour experience there.

I don’t know how much different PSP Slim is in regards to its battery life but as I only own the fat version, I’ll tell you that I’m majorly disappointed in this.

Limited Genres

What I mean by this is that certain genres like shooters don’t really work on the PSP at all. It’s not because PSP is not capable or anything but simply because it only has one analog nub. Most shooters end up using a lock-on feature – which totally destroy any skill-based challenge in a shooter game – or an implementation of the face buttons as the second analog stick, which takes a long time to get adjusted to. Neither methods are entirely satisfactory. The lack of a second analog stick really hampers the experience of playing such games as Rainbow Six Vegas or Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops or Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow. There are great third-person or first-person action games for the PSP but you’l always end up having some issues with the controls before you get used to it. And by getting used to it, I mean you learn to ignore your frustrations.

So with only one analog stick, it’s easy to see why the most common genre of games for the PSP are simulation (racers or flight games), puzzle games, rpgs, and hack-and-slash. 3d platformers are rare on the PSP and shooters are there on the PSP but not many of them are too fun on the PSP.

So those are really the only design issues I have with the PSP. Everything else, the PSP is pretty impressive. But those two issues are huge issues. I often play a DS version of a game because I prefer the longer battery life performance of the DS and I often get frustrated with the controls/camera angles on certain games e.g. Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 2. These issues are huge to me and if there is to be a second version of the PSP, they need to get these two issues fixed. But design issues aside, there are certain other things about the PSP that gives me mixed feelings.

The Arduous Search for Originality

If you want to find original games on the PSP that you won’t find on any other consoles, you’re gonna have to go on a long and arduous quest. They do exist but they are so few and so far apart in release dates that you’ll just have to rely on either on online merchants like ebay or onine rental services like gamefly. And most of these original games are puzzle games (e.g. Crush, Patapon, Lumines, LocoRoco) so if you don’t like that genre, that quest is now an almost impossible one.

There’s another reason why originality is so hard to find with PSP games, especially compared to the DS where original games are just everywhere. The reason? Ports. PSP is full of them. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions was considered by some game critics as the best PSP game for year 2007 but um… that PSP game is just a port of a PSX title released about ten years ago. A lot of great games on the PSP are either enhanced ports like FFT or remakes like Mega Man: Powered Up, Castlevania: Dracula Chronicles, Tomb Raider Anniversary, etc. etc. If you’re an old-school gamer and you already have played a lot of those games, the PSP can often feel like a completely worthless system. To me, it’s not since I haven’t played most of those ports, but to some of you older gamers out there, I can definitely understand why you would never consider buying a PSP.

Where are the Exclusives?

The PSP has quite a number of exclusive titles that are either prequels/sequels to a known PS2 franchise or a spinoff of a franchise of course, but even so, there are so many of these games that are then just ported over to the PS2. Twisted Metal Black: Head-on: Extra Twisted, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Silent Hills Origins… these are all examples of this. PSP exclusives are becoming harder and harder to find. This might be a great thing for those PS2 owners who just don’t want to purchase a PSP since they get to play PSP games without having to buy a PSP but to many PSP owners, we’re left thinking, “Well, why did we really need to buy the PSP in that case?” I know that certain PSP games are actually better than PS2 ports of those PSP games (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is one example) but that doesn’t make things any better. Why should we buy a PSP? If there aren’t enough exclusives, there isn’t much of a reason. And that reason is becoming smaller and smaller it seems like. But this isn’t to say that the PSP doesn’t have great exclusive games. It does and I’ve really enjoyed Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops and Daxter and such but I have a feeling that Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core will be ported over to the PS2 in about 6 months and something like that feels like Sony’s way of saying “F*** you” to PSP owners.

Too Much Mediocrity

There are people who argued that the PSP has no good games and it’s just an inferior MP3 player. They’re completely wrong of course, but they’re right about one thing and that is that, no PSP game really makes you go, “I need to buy that game” the way “AAA” games do. I really enjoy PSP games and I’m also very satisifed at how much replay value and how much production value is in a lot of PSP games (the two things that DS games severely lack), but there’s hardly been any PSP games that made me go, “Buy this game now!” to everyone I knew. The must-buy games aren’t really there because PSP showcases a library full of decent and fun games but nothing more. You’ll get good enjoyment out of these games, you’ll even be wowed by some of these games because of their quality graphics and design, but ultimately, they’re just decent and mediocre, which leaves that sort of empty feeling. And let’s face it, if most of these PSP games were made into PS2 games, they would be highly disappointing. Oh wait, some of these games are made into PS2 games and yowza, they sure aredisappointing.

So How Awesome? How Mediocre?

Like the DS, my overall impression with the PSP is a mixed one. I love the design of the PSP and I love how much production value is there in most PSP games, even in those sucky PSP games, but at the same time, except for games like MGS:PO and Patapon, the system lacks must-buys and instead is filled with mediocre titles. So is this awesomely mediocre system worth its high price? For me it is since it still is my most used console out of all that I have. But I can understand why for some PSP owners that it’s nothing but a dust collectors. It’s a shame that they don’t love the console as much as I do lol but at the same time, I really don’t blame them.

Ways to win the Clash of Clans

Clash of clans hack makes unlocking secrets and mysteries easy. This is done by giving you unlimited free gems like gold, gems, and elixir. is a website that will allow you to hack your clash of clans account with ease and then get various items for free. This powerful tool will work by evading the clash of clans systems and then creating the impression that you have paid for a number of resources you intend by adding to your account.

Clash of clans hacks:

In the beginning of clash of clans as an MMO then it was still possible to use simple client hacks in order to get unlimited gold, elixir, and gems. There are still certain advantages that can be gained from using hacks like displaying hidden defences and displaying a comprehensive list of defences but these are useful at the highest levels of play. There are also hacks that will rebuild all your units after a raid.

Clash of clans is a popular game and any hack like this that will be released to the public for free will spread like wildfire and that can be detected. This is a sad reality when dealing with hacks for popular games. The best hacks have to be kept private in order to keep them working and undetected.

Clash of clans unlimited gems hack tool:

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In this game clash of clans, you can build and develop the village, unlock the building, making superior forces and build a strong defense. You can also attack other players villages for resources. Rural development also has to consider the defense when the enemy attacked the village.

Clash of clans hack instruction:

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This gem generator is important to boost your ranking among all players. These gems will help you in easy troop training that allows fast construction and you can upgrade your buildings fast. If you have enough amounts of gems in currency house then you can bring back real powers of heroes within few minutes. If you are more passionate about your game and want to become popular among all your friends then it is good to boost your gem collection with hacks.

If you are a lover of the clash of clans then you definitely have some reason to want a hack for your favorite game.

What exactly is the Hay Day Hack?

Hay day is gaining popularity in the entire globe. This is such a wonderful game to play in our leisure time. This game is like Farmville and those who love to play Farmville, definitely, they will love to play the hay day. This is because the hay day is also farming game. To access the unlimited resources in the hay day, one must spend their money. But, we do not like to spend money for purchasing an unlimited number of coins and diamonds. To purchase or to generate an unlimited number of coins and diamonds, we are using Hay Day Hack: Hay Day Free Diamonds .

Hay day hack:

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How to use this hack tool?

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What are the benefits of using this hack tool?

There are several benefits that this hack software offers to the players. Some of the benefits of using this hack tool are as follows,

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Hay day is a wonderful mobile game and this game is simply nice to play with our family and friends because this game also comes with the multiplayer mode. Moreover, we can also easily generate an unlimited number of resources such as coins and diamonds to our hay day accounts by using the hay day hack tool.

Pewdiepie tuber simulator- Hints, cheats and strategies to play


The Pewdiepie tuber simulator is the very best hack tool that allows you to use and generate the resources infinite number of times. It is an amazing hack tool that works perfectly all the times. Before releasing, this online hack tool has been tested in hundreds of iOS and android mobile devices and its result is 100% accuracy as well as efficiency to use. When you use this hack tool on android or iOS devices, there is no need to use root or jailbreak. Even your IP is also very anonymous, so your gaming account will not be detected by any game servers. Moreover, the latest updates are also done automatically, so you do not worry about it.

By using pewdiepie’s tuber simulator hack , you can enjoy this game far more and surely get an amazing gaming experience. If you want to become the best player, you can simply use this online hack tool. This game is always very interesting and its new online generator tool is more popular among people, because of its excellent features. If you want to get bux for free, it is very simple to download this hack tool and install it on your PC or mobile devices, tablets, etc. However, it is very legal to use and takes a few seconds to install it.

How to hack Pewdiepie tuber simulator?

In the Pewdiepie tuber simulator, the bux is a most important currency that you have to spend it for your game play. Actually, this game is quite generous to play with bux and need to get a lot of free currencies in many possible ways. Once you get the bux resource, you are able to unlock the fresh quests, speed up the deliveries and also shop cosmetic items, room upgrades and many more. With this bux, you can buy a plenty of expensive items and a level five make up bag. In order to hack Pewdiepie tuber simulator, you need to get these resources and get into so many levels.


Tips and tricks to play Pewdiepie tuber simulator

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Clash Royale Hack Instructions and Features


Today, clash royale occupies lots of people in all over the world. And, this is a nice game which is effectively developed by the Supercell to entertain the mobile game lovers. The features and gameplay of the clash royale game are entirely different. Most commonly, the clash royale game controls the characters found in the clash of clans.

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How to Get Unlimited Coins on Madden NFL Mobile Hack?


With madden NFL mobile hack they keep the players working with a series of challenges. The game maddens NFL plans to launch for smartphone and tablet. It means that you no need to worry about download madden NFL mobile hack.

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How to cheat in madden mobile?

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